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08-05-2014 06:01 AM
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I am teaching myself to make a density map of over 600,000 addresses.  The way I know how to do this involves creating a spreadsheet and adding it to the map.  However, I believe excel won't take that many rows.  Is excel the only option?

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surely you aren't going to enter this yourself, so what is the format now?  text file of an appropriate format and a variety of others will work

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The addresses you have, are they already geocoded? Do you have X, Y coordinates or Latitude, Longitude coordinates?. If not, you should first geocode the addresses. If you already have X, Y coordinates or Lat, Long attributes, you can use Add XY Events to convert the X, Y or Lat, Long values to a geolocation. Note that this information does not need to be in an Excel file.

Once you have your 600.000 points you can visualize them or perform some spatial analysis. It is important to know the difference between a Heatmap visualization and spatial analysis like Point Density or Kernel Density.

Heatmaps are often used in viewer like JavaScript, Silverlight and Flex viewer, or using Maps for Office.

Heat map in esri Maps for Office

Hot Spot Analysis Getis-Ord Gi* (Spatial Statistics)

Kernel Density (Spatial Analyst)

Point Density (Spatial Analyst)

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