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02-04-2016 07:48 AM
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We are using an Oracle 11g database with ArcGIS 10.1.  I'm looking for some documentation on the descriptions of what the "User" and "Owner" roles do.  For instance, when I create a feature class with my user name Leo.Plan.Zoning, what exactly does this mean? Is it a privileges setting?  Also, we have a user account called "GIS", is this the "admin" sde account?  Should all of our data be created and loaded with the GIS, DEFAULT account?

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Hi Leo,

When you create a new feature class in Oracle it is listed by "OwnerName.Table Name" (i.e. George.FeatureClass)

The GIS user is not the "admin" account for Oracle. By default the SDE user is the geodatabase administrator (who owns the geodatabase (SDE/GDB) repository tables).

As for loading the data as the GIS user, that is up to you. I would say that it make administration of the data easier to have a separate data owner.

Here is some documentation on Oracle and owning data:

User Accounts in Oracle

GDB Admin in Oracle

What are user privileges

User privileges for Oracle

If you need more detail or help, I would recommend opening a Esri Support ticket and talking to the Geodata team.


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--- George T.
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Thanks George, hope you are doing well.  I'll review those resources.

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