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Oracle 32 & 64 bit instances

05-24-2023 07:18 AM
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Our agency is currently using ArcMap 10.6.1 and is in the process of migrating to ArcPro 3.1.0

This is a tedious process as we have several custom toolbars developed that need to be rebuilt. All that to say, we've having trouble getting our Oracle client to play nicely with both ArcMap and ArcPro. We have both 32 and 64 bit clients installed, and we can get ArcPro to access the servers, however when we try to use ArcMap it says the Oracle client is not installed when we've verified that it is. 

I've read a few articles here that state the 32 bit client needs to come after the 64 bit client, but as I'm not an Oracle guru that makes no sense to me, can I get some guidance that I can take to our Oracle DBA so he can make changes to our files as needed? 

Much appreciated! 

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In the PATH variable on the system (machine) w/Pro & ArcMap, look at the full path and make sure that the 64 client location, like C:\Oracle64bit, comes before the 32 bit client install location.

Here is the doc:

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watch the video (no audio) that shows the step by step on how to install the Oracle Instant Client

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FYI: Perform a direct connection to an Oracle database and register Oracle Spatial data


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