ora-00942 strange issue

01-16-2017 04:15 PM
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i am trying to assign privileges to sde user and after choosing user and try to assign any role at least select error message appears: DBMS table not found ORA-00942

Edit i have traced and GDB_ITEMRELATIONSHIPS doesn't contain  typeid of selected dataset

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You cannot modify the System Tables manually, it is not supported and may corrupt the Database.

  • Are you using the "Change Privilege" tool?
  • Are you connected as the owner of the data?

Can you provide us with more information of the steps followed and the data that you are trying to grant privileges on...

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i am connecting as sde

steps :

1. connect to sde.

2. right click on selected feature dataset.

3. choose change privilege.

4. old privileges exist.

old created privileges works fine before

if u try to remove anyone u cant recreate again with ora-00942

if u try to set new privilege u got ora-00942

note: i am working on version

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any kind of help

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