Numbering Points Along a Line

09-23-2015 03:48 PM
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Hey guys,

I have 2 data sets within a large data set of points and lines.  About half of the points are snapped to a line which are numbered.  The problem is that some of the points received wrong numbers from the person imputing them so I was hoping there was a way to completely re-number the points using a tool sequentially along a line.  I wouldn't mind going through and clicking each line and counting from 1-50 then 51-100 on the next line but obviously if i could do them sequentially all at once that would be ideal.

here's an example of the dataset: Gyazo - 6204747a4f55fd4ad8ce0379a2d3c3b9.png



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So obviously, the key ID field is not the FID/OIDFieldname  used to identify the points?  If so and you can figure out the pattern, you can add a new field and use the field calculator to provide new numbers

python parser

!oldfieldname! + 5

assuming the points were numbered out of sync by 5

if this isn't what you want, a visual with a specific example would help since the points may be snapped in some other order or offset by different or discontinuous increments

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