Null Values when join database to shapefile

11-06-2014 11:58 AM
New Contributor

I am having trouble sucessfully joining a DB2/400 SQL table to my shapefile in ArcMap 10.2.  I created an OLE ODBC database connection in ArcCatalog and it opens up the connection to the database tables that I need.  I then bring one of the database tables into my project.  I try to join it to the shapefile, which it appears to do, but I end up with only null values.  The join used to work in ArcView 3.3 so I know the database fields match (both string fields,etc.).  Plus, if I export the database to a DBF and bring that into the project, it joins to the shapefile with no problem.  How can I get the join to work with out converting the table to a DBF first??? Any help would be much appreciated!

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