Need Help with copying content into new doc that contains images

12-21-2016 12:22 PM
by Anonymous User
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I created a doc in GeoNet and then did a copy/paste from a doc on my local drive to populate the new GeoNet doc, however, it did not paste any of the screenshots I have in my local doc. I can copy/paste each image individually by hand, but this is very laborious (Im trying to reproduce a long manual that people in my community can then edit over time (like a wiki essentially). Am I missing something? Thank you so much for any guidance you can provide 

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Geonet doesn't have the best tools for cooperating with external wordprocessors or the like.  In the case of a long document, it would be best to use an attachment to the document, having the document refer to it and keeping the content of the document post short perhaps providing a brief summary of the contents and perhaps a table of contents.  Pdf's work well for this.  You will soon find out that trying to edit large-ish documents on GeoNet can be brutally slow and painful...and formatting can become a serious issue... you don't want to find this out yourself.  Attachments are the way to go

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I agree with what Dan said. A PDF might work well for this. I have had this issue before where I craft my document in MS Word and want to put it in GeoNet. I just went through the laborious process of adding each picture to my GeoNet article. I don't know of a better way.

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