How can I retain a custom set of tools over different edit sessions?

01-02-2017 03:47 AM
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I have created a a custom toolbar with a set of frequently used tools as shown in the picture for an edit session.

Custom Toolbar

I closed the MXD and added another set of layers to continue editing with, and saved it as anew map document(mxd). Then, the new toolbar is no more visible in the 'Customise' menu. How can I retain a custom set of tools OR this toolbar in image across different edit sessions and MXDs?

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There is a reference to saving customizations Fundamentals of saving your customizations—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

It will normally save your customizations going forward to new mxd's but may require you to re-add the toolbar to old projects.  Just mae sure you are saving them to  the appropriate location