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07-24-2013 11:48 PM
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I am very new in Geocoding techniques. Actually I want to customize a multiline address locator for polygon feature class which will be published for arcgis server later. Can anybody guide me from where I can start? I have read somewhere that ArcGIS Desktop 10 does not support multiline address locator then what platform I would need for customization?

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My suggestion is you start with the basics: work through the geocoding tutorial and develop a good understanding of the available locators and then consider your customization ideas.
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The server is setup to only handle single line addresses designed for interactive matching.
You can Post batches of multiline addresses for batch processing on the server, but that is not really a very good idea for large databases. You should expect to handle megabyte databases locally (ie on a LAN).

There is only limited customisation available for batch format, change the field names etc.
You have to have all the address components in four fields like a mailing label.
I wanted to split out the components into flat, house, road similar to the format required to build the locator,
but you cannot do that because the geocoding engine is hard coded to only accept a few formats.

You have to have only

  1. flat_house_road

  2. suburb_town_locality

  3. state_region_city

  4. zip_postcode

  5. country

Only the names can change, plus you can parse the contents a few different ways.
You have control of the returned fields, but it is very intricate to change.
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