MS SQL server standart 2016/AD groups/Arcmap 10.5.1 permissions

10-06-2017 01:59 AM
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Hello all,

We are working on upgrading ArcGIS version from 10.4 to 10.5. . Also we have set up ArcGIS portal, which is integrated with AD, which helps to identify users who have access to portal. We already have set up MS SQL Server 2016 and premissions to databases are granted according to AD groups. Now we are facing some problems  with user rights in the ArcGIS environment:
 • Sysadmin user group -  user can do anything and this is the  only group that is working properly. Sysadmin can create feature classes, create and modify features, add and modify attributes.
 • DB owner group - users can do anything besides that when creating a feature class, the user's name appears in the feature class name. This means that only this user can modify and make changes to that feature class, which was created. Other users' don't have the permission to make changes to it.  Also when the user with the DB owner rights creates a feature class,  a named user and named schemad  is created to the sql database.  

Is there a way for an AD group, which has owner rights, to create a feature class, which is available to all users? The name of the creator would not appear in the name of the feature class.
 • Users with read/write permissions - these users can read feature classes and change attributes but they are not able to create features to a feature class. If I checked the old system where databases are in MS SQL Express 2012 then there are these options:  "ESRIAdmin", "ESRIReadData" and "ESRIWriteData".  Should these options be available  in the SQL standard version? And which rights could be missing for these users so they could add features to feature classes?
Any help would be appreciated.


Tiina Arras

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