Error 999999 when using GeoTagged Photos To Points

10-04-2017 11:42 PM
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I am trying to use the GeoTagged Photos to Points tool, but keep receiving a 999999 error.

I am using Arcmap 10.5.1, Advanced License.

I have no trouble uploading the same geotagged file or files to Google Earth, which probably means there is no problem with the geotagging itself.

Unfortunately, checking or unchecking the Include Non-Geo Tagged Photos and Add Photos as Attachments did not produce a different result.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?



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Update: tool was successful when the Invalid Photos Table option was left blank.

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Please ensure the pathname of the Geodatabase is short and valid (Avoid space and special characters except underscore).

Also disable background processing (Geoprocessing > Geoprocessing Options on the Standard toolbar), if needed.

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Problem solved when the geodatabase pathname was free of spaces. Background processing did not cause the problem - it was enabled also in the successful attempts..

Many thanks for instantly identifying what caused the problem.

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