Most efficient way of updating shape on SQL server table

08-19-2014 01:44 AM
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I have a process that creates a polyline shape one at a time.


For each polyline, depending on associated keys, I need to update the shape on either table A matching on the keys or table B matching on the keys.


ie I have the polyline

    if key 1 and key 2 are populated

         update the shape on a row on table A matching on key1, key2, plus 2 other keys (key3 and key4)


         update the shape on a row on table B matching on key3 and key4


The issue is I cannot work out whether it is best to get layers of table A and B up front (many thousand of rows) and somehow filter before updating or should I get these one at a time. Also, what would the actual shape update command be as I have not yet written code to update a shape on an existing SQL server table row?


There may be many polyline shapes to process.


I realise this is vague but any ideas about how I should do this would be appreciated. It needs to be as efficient as possible.


Maybe someone has already done something similar and has code examples.

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