Mosaic Dataset Aerial Photography Color Balance

04-04-2014 11:50 AM
New Contributor
I am working with historic aerial photography over Panama to observe the change in forest cover over time. All of the frames have been added to a mosaic dataset with shrunken footprints and seamlines. All images have had the grayscale function applied as well at 8 bit depth.

The issue I'm running into is with the color balancing tool. Each frame has artifacts that I've minimized with another software (MaxIM DL) with gradient removal and flat fielding. My goal is to color balance the images and perform a histogram matching on the mosaic so that pixel values are consistent throughout. The error I receive follows: "Color correction does not currently support data with colormaps. Color correction will not be applied." When I try the delete colormap tool it claims that the input raster does not have a colormap.

Has anyone run into a similar situation when mosaicing aerial photography? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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