Modelbuilder - Building a Batch Repair Mosaic Dataset Paths Tool

01-05-2022 05:05 AM
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I am trying to build a tool in ModelBuilder to batch repair mosaic dataset paths. I know there is an existing tool for this, but I want to set certain pre-defined characteristics for the tool as we always get mosaics with the same incompatible path and need to convert to the same new path every time.

It's been a while since I used ModelBuilder, so I have some general questions/parameters.

  1. Which iterator would you suggest using? It needs to be recursive to get through all subfolders, but also have a wildcard to hunt out the annoying R: path.
  2. The only parameter I need is to select the parent folder containing all the datasets/mosaics which I assume would be done on the iterator rather than the repair path tool, which will be fed the output of the iterator...?
  3. I need all the mosaics to stay where they are, just have the path changed.

I delved into this in Python but had to give up. I'm hoping to build this in ModeBuilder and study the script to understand it better.

It sounded like a simple thing but I've got myself confused. Any help is much appreciated.

(Working in Pro)

Thank you!

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Iterate Workspaces (ModelBuilder)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

sounds like the modelbuilder substitute for 

Walk—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

if you need to iteratively go through all subfolders

... sort of retired...