migrating relationship class with feature and table

08-13-2014 11:09 AM
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I need to re-establish a relationship class from an existing one I currently have in an oracle gdb.  I am moving to sql server gdb and would prefer to have all components in one feature dataset; the feature class, table and relationship class.  Previously in our oracle gdb all these were located in the root gdb not in a feature dataset which is not the preferred approach we would like to take.


I have a couple issues I cannot resolve.

  1.      I cannot move/copy/import my table into the feature dataset.  I get a Paste Failed message:  "The operation is not supported in this implementation".
  2. If I leave the table i nthe root of the gdb I can still create a relationship class either in the root gdb or in the feature dataset, however the relationship classs empty.  I have duplicated all relationship specs from my previous relationship i maintained in oracle gdb and return zero related records.


I seem to be overlooking something or am implementing this wrong.  Can anyone help or provide some insight or direction.  thanks


Doug Rulison

Doug Rulison
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