Microstation V8 or V8i

03-17-2011 04:22 AM
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I just began using this extension to enable our org. to work between Arc and Microstation, but there is very little, if any, documentation from ESRI regarding that particular file format and the functionality provided by the extension to support .dgn's.  I'd be very appreciative of any advice or guidance anyone would offer about their experience with Data Interop and Microstation.

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W. Culpepper
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Hey, its been a while since you posted this... Did you find anything?  I am having something similar, and I have read about the projectwise connector, but its around 70k for a license and since we need it for just one gig, we're not going to purchase it.  Is there a way to do this cleanly with the data interoperability?  The issue I am seeing is that the DGN's don't bring any attribute data with them other than the geometry.
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Documentation for DGN file reading can be found here:


Data Interop inherits DGN file handling from FME.  To bring in attribution you will need to use the FeatureMerger or Joiner transformers as Bentley's model is to include only element definitions in the design files.

If you need assistance with your data please email me at bharold@esri.com.

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Sorry to have been so late responding.  Since my initial post, I've learned to use standalone python to work with our CAD clients for data exchange; it has been much less troublesome than when i wrote the above posting.  Thank you for your info and the link.


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