08-08-2013 05:47 AM
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I need to update the metadata (for exsampl: credit : "david"), for all gdb files on sde automatically .I use the "metadata importer"  tool and it's work very well as long as the metadata existent. I mean, the metadata that allready existent copies from gdb1 to gdb2 as is.
how can i update only the credit but automatically for all files on gdb(sde)?

or it's better to export the xml files to xls files and then update the field that i want and then import to the original files(gdb)?



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Hi,I found some information on net :

1.Open arcCatalog and update the metadata for one of the files Be generic so the text will apply to all files

2.Export the metadata into the same folder. (I have the ISO 19139 metadata implementation specification selected in my arcCatalog options).The file will be exported as an .xml file.

3.Open the following tool: Conversion Tools>Metadata>Import Metadata... open it with a right click and choose "batch" (it's the one with the model builder symbol next to it)

I tried to do the steps and it's Makes sense, but I don't know what to to with the iso, Because he said (the system Of course...) "dataset arcgis to iso 19139 does not exist or not supported"

I tried the all option but it's doen't work. I work with arcinfo 10.0/sp5

pleas emaling me:
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Avi: This is documented in the help:

10.1 Help: Creating a metadata template

and (a bit more advanced):

10.1 Help: Editing metadata for many ArcGIS items

Hope this helps you out!

Update: I have found that batch does not work very well with model tools (many of the metadata tools are this type)... I have had better luck in 10.x using model builder and iterators instead of the batch functionality to process multiple files.