Merging two large mosaic datasets

06-17-2014 01:01 PM
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Hi All,

I have two large mosaic datasets, with more than 500 scenes each. Operations for color balancing and overviews were already applied.

Now my task is to merge these two large dataset in a single seamless mosaic. However I have been finding issues for color correcting this final product. No method seems to work when performing this operation.

Does anyone have any thoughts here?

Many thanks in advance!
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In practice, what you can do is to add /import the second mosaic dataset into the first one (via Add ‘table’); remove all ‘overviews’, and then re-do color-balancing (conduct statistics on this new MD, if necessary); and finally create overviews again.

In fact, your issue is common, especially, when working ‘non pre-processed’ raster datasets within Mosaic Dataset model.

Worth to mention here, if your ‘500 scenes’ raster datasets are not ‘pre-processed’ (that is, color-balancing and spatial rectification are not done by other remote sensing package like ERDAS/ ER Mapper or PCI), it is really challenging for you to produce nice color-balanced Mosaic Dataset with clear features at full resolution.

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