Maximum Likelihood Tool issues in ArcMap 10.1

12-04-2013 11:05 AM
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I ran the 'Isocluster' tool with 20 classes and got an output .gsg file.  I then ran the 'Maximum Likelihood Classification' tool and used the .gsg file created from the 'Isocluster' tool for the input file.  The MLClassification tool is not working properly and is giving me this error report:

ERORR 999999
Failed to open raster dataset
Failed to execute (MLClassify)

The tool is returning a raster that is only one single class.  The attribute table only has one field and every pixel is contained in that one field.

Can someone please help?

Thanks a lot!
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What type of dataset are you running the isocluster classification on? It can sometimes created less than the number of required classes if there isn't enough variation in the dataset
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I am running the isocluster tool on a 1995 LANDSAT image I got from  Also, I brought the image into ERDAS Imagine and stacked the layers to create a single .img file.

When I open the .gsg file in Notepad, it says that it created 20 classes correctly and there are numerical data for each class.

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