Maximum length of character for ArcSDE features

11-04-2013 08:16 PM
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Can anybody tell me maximum character length accepted  for ArcSDE feature
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Do you mean ArcSDE Feature class ?
The Character limit for ArcSDE Feature class is 30.
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Welcome to the Esri Forums.  It's generally best to try searching on the content of your
question before adding a new one.  For example, a search on "maximum length" in the
lower search box above ("Search Forums" from Geodatabase & ArcSDE) returned eight
threads (not including yours) and two of them had the information Nidhin provided.

Reading other posts also provides feedback on how to write a good question.  You should
make sure to specify which version (and service pack) of ArcGIS software you are using
in every query.  Here in Geodatabase & ArcSDE, we'll also need to know which database
you're using (database product and exact release or service pack).

If you mean something other than field name maximum length, and it's not covered
by the comprehensive list of name limits, then please clarify your question.

- V
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The character limit(30), which I mentioned yesterday was for ArcSDE on Oracle. I did a quick test and observed that character limit for field name in Arcsde on SQL Server is 31.
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If you mean 'character limit' for feature class naming(ArcSDE), then its 30 in Oracle and 128 in SQL Server.
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