Map and Layout View not syncing

02-13-2017 03:25 PM
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Hi ESRI community, 

I've been having issues with the lay-out when I insert a map frame. The views are completely different. I've tried all of the following: 

1. Activate - to adjust the map inside the frame but the symbols are still so small and the colors are not correct

2. Adjusting the symbols - still a no go

3. Putting a constraint on the map frame (fixed scale) - this did not work 

4. Reinserting the layout and map frame multiple times 

5. Inserting a bookmark - this always goes to a default scale rather than the adjusting to the book mark. 

Hope anyone can help! 


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Not sure about some of your attempts or exactly what you want.

As far as getting 2 data frames to show the same object, bookmarks belong to each data frame. You have to save one out to disk, then import it to the second data frame using Bookmark Manager. I just tried this and it did adjust the scale on the new data frame so the bookmarked area showed in the center.

As to symbols, the best way to handle them on inset maps is to use a reference scale for the data frame. If this is say, 30 percent, bigger than the actual scale of the data frame, the symbols should all adjust (look smaller), assuming you take the default on your layers to scale symbology when a reference scale is set. Labels won't scale but annotation should.

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Hi Dana, 

Thanks for reaching out. I tried your suggestions but also finally figured it out. I had to set the map frame's reference scale to sync with the lay-out. 


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