Manually create line network without inconsistencies?

08-21-2014 10:02 AM
New Contributor II

Hi, I've been trying to manually create my own line network based off of a raster image that represents a plan for cruise ship floors. I've been simply creating a feature class and using the snapping and line creation tool to make my network since it seems like that might be the best option for me right now. When I do this however, there are slight inconsistencies in the edge detection at each vertex of the network. For example, at some intersections on the line network that may have 4 line segments meeting, it may only recognize that 3 line segments are actually touching. Even when I zoom in all the way and check exact coordinates it appears that all 4 lines are correctly connected with no issues, but any code checking connections says otherwise. Is there any way to still create my network manually and not have the inconsistencies that I'm having right now?

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