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How to connect to a File GeoDB?

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08-20-2014 01:54 PM
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This is my first time trying to use GDB data.  I ordinarily work with Personal Databases (.mdb's)  I just downloaded (and unzipped) a GDB  from my County.  There's data in it.  It's 72mb in size.


From within a Map Doc, when I Add Data, I can see the GDB.  But when I click on it, it says "Failed to connect to database"  I'm running ArcEditor 9.3



Can I connect to a GDB from ArcEditor?

What do I need to do, to be able to load some data from my GDB?


Any help appreciated,


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Joe's link contains the answer. If your local county created the file geodatabase in a recent version of ArcGIS then the geodatabase version will not be readable.

You could ask your local county if they could create a 9.3 version of the geodatabase using this process:

arcgis 10.0 - How do you create 9.3 version of a geodatabase in ArcMap 10? - Geographic Information ...

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