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Linking an arcGIS pro gdb to MS-Access

11-30-2017 08:45 PM
New Contributor II

What I need is the ability to have an editable geodatabase in arcGIS pro, that I can directly link to (read only is OK) from an access database. This was possible with arcmap in at least two different ways, none of them involving an enterprise license: Either through an SQL Server Express "desktop" geodatabase, or a personal "mdb" geodatabase. Both of these are not supported any more with pro (although I can't find an official documentation regarding the first method. Maybe pro will enable that in the future?). SQLITE is not editable in arcGIS and all the enterprise databases require an arcgis server installation. Is there anyway to do this without the need to install an arcgis Server?

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Currently Pro does not accept MS Access even with the 64 bit engine.  You can vote here and possibly they will add MS Access to list of compatible databases?

Enable ArcGIS Pro to access ESRI Personal Geodatabases 

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Hi Ted,

Yes I voted there... I read your discussion and totally agree with what you've written there. A FGDB ODBC or an editable SQL-lite would actually be even a preferred option for me since they don't include a 2 GB limitation, but any of these or the personal GDB seem to be just outside of ESRI's radar since (1) They're shifting people away from ESRI formats and products or (2) these are not usually enterprise solutions which, it seems, ESRI is more focused on.

BUT, here's the thing: I work for an enterprise organization, we do have ORACLE and ArcGIS server as our foundation, but since typically an end-user like me does not have free access to these platforms that are centrally managed, we need a flexible and robust solution for anything that is not an enterprise big-deal implementation project. My message to ESRI would be - please keep us, the end users, in mind, because eventually it is us who drive the organization forward.