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Is there a way to import multiple *.lin files into ArcMap at once?

01-28-2013 10:32 AM
New Contributor
Using the ArcToolbox>3D Analyst>Conversion>From File>ASCII 3D to feature class

I'll probably have up to 100 *.lin files to import into ArcMap. Each *.lin file contains X, Y, Z coordinates (easting, northing, ground_elevation if you like) and corresponds to a single polyline.

Is there a way to select all 100 files and let the computer do all the manual work? Or is there a way to define multiple polylines using only one file.

I am not necessarily set on using a *.lin, I can use whatever file format eases things.

Thanks for your help.

*EDIT: Ok, I found that I can simply select multiple files... I will ask my lecturer tomorrow why he has instructed us to add each individual line one at a time. Do you know what the possible reasons could be? Do you miss certain functions, if you select multiple files on importing *.lin files?
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Esri Contributor
You'll probably get more responses in the geoprocessing forum.  This forum is primarily for CAD issues.
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