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12-23-2013 08:45 AM
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I have a pretty simple set of replace functions I need to complete in an attribute table.  I have a feature class with approximately 135k records with a "MUN" attribute representing the four digit code of the applicable municipality.  I have a new field called "MUNI" in which I wish to populate the correct Municipal name.  There are 12 municipalities.

I've worked on several variations of the code in field calculator but none seem to work; general syntax error.  Coding and languages were never my strong suit so it doesn't necessarily surprise me but nevertheless.  I had a working expression to do just this but it had been deleted.

If [MUN] = 0901 Then
[MUNI] = Bayonne
ELSEIF [MUN] = 0902 Then
[MUNI] = East Newark
ELSEIF [MUN] = 0903 Then
[MUNI] = Guttenberg
ELSEIF [MUN] = 0904 Then
[MUNI] = Harrison
ELSEFIF [MUN] = 0905 Then
[MUNI] = Hoboken
ELSEIF [MUN] = 0906 Then
[MUNI] = Jersey City
ELSEIF [MUN] = 0907 Then
[MUNI] = Kearny
ELSEIF [MUN]= 0908 Then
[MUNI] = North Bergen
ELSEIF [MUN] = 0909 Then
[MUNI] = Secaucus
ELSEIF [MUN] = 0910 Then
[MUNI] = Union City
ELSEIF [MUN] = 0911 Then
[MUNI] = Weehawken
ELSEIF [MUN] = 0912 Then
[MUNI] = West New York

A simple expression I should be able to build with little effort but not having done this for a bit is hanging me up!
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Other variation.  Note all fields are string. 


If [MUN] = "0901" Then
output = "Bayonne"
ELSEIF [MUN] = "0902" Then
output = "East Newark"
ELSEIF [MUN] = "0903" Then
output = "Guttenberg"
ELSEIF [MUN] = "0904" Then
output = "Harrison"
ELSEFIF [MUN] = "0905" Then
output = "Hoboken"
ELSEIF [MUN] = "0906" Then
output = "Jersey City"
ELSEIF [MUN] = "0907" Then
output = "Kearny"
ELSEIF [MUN]= "0908" Then
output = "North Bergen"
ELSEIF [MUN] = "0909" Then
output = "Secaucus"
ELSEIF [MUN] = "0910" Then
output = "Union City"
ELSEIF [MUN] = "0911" Then
output = "Weehawken"
ELSEIF [MUN] = "0912" Then
output = "West New York"

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Hello Jason,

I'd use the python editor in Field editor. Then use "Show Codebook" and define a method (see screenshot). Your Pre-Logic Script Code should look something like this:
def customReplace(x):
    if x=='0901':
        return 'Bayonne'
    elif x=='0902':
        return 'East Newark'
    elif x=='0903':
        return 'Guttenberg'
        return "Not Found"

Then call the method from the field calculator. Where "MUNI = "
customReplace( !MUN! )

That should work :)
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Your making this way to hard.

if you have a the muni code list simply add the table to an ArcGIS Session.  Join the feature to the table muni table via the 4 digit code.  then populate your name field with the name field from the muni table.

Total time to set this up should be less than 2 minutes.  Then depending on your system configuration a little more time to perform the calculation.

If it is a recurring operation MS Access is quick and easy as well.  Have your 4 digit code table in there as a LUT.

Create a query that joins the 2 tables and perform the update with the double click of a query.
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Jason's code comes the closest for VB, but you have to close all of the conditions with an End If statement at the end of the code block.

I would use the Select Case syntax instead, since ELSEIF may fail after 7 levels (based on past experience with VBA).  My Code would be:

Parser: VB Script

Use Code Block: Checked

Pre-Logic Code Block:
Select Case [MUN]
 Case "0901" output = "Bayonne"
 Case "0902" output = "East Newark"
 Case "0903" output = "Guttenberg"
 Case "0904" output = "Harrison"
 Case "0905" output = "Hoboken"
 Case "0906" output = "Jersey City"
 Case "0907" output = "Kearny"
 Case "0908" output = "North Bergen"
 Case "0909" output = "Secaucus"
 Case "0910" output = "Union City"
 Case "0911" output = "Weehawken"
 Case "0912" output = "West New York"
 Case Else    output = [MUNI]
End Select

Expression (MUNI field)