Ideas on How to Maintain Two of the Same Datasets? (Access and ArcMap)

11-01-2016 08:10 AM
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Hi everyone!  I have a question for you, and I am seeing what you do so that I can be more efficient with what I am doing now.  

I have two datasets.  One is within ArcMap and the other is within Access.  Both contain the same exact base data, but the Access dataset has some extra attributes.

Currently, I have to update both of these datasets, and it isn't too much of a problem now.  I know in the future it will become a big hassle.

Normally, I would only maintain the ArcMap dataset, but my work has to have an Access dataset as well for other people who do not use ArcMap.  

I am looking for any ideas on what I should do so that I don't have to update both datasets.  Thank you!

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I'm assuming you're using a personal geodatabase (Access) and a file geodatabase (ESRI)?

You can join and field calculate if the two datasets have a linking value. 

You can make edits from the file geodatabase then export it to the personal geodatabase. 

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