How to setup ArcSDE 10.1 on LINUX to coneect to user-schema geodatabases

01-08-2014 06:00 AM
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I need to setup ArcSDE services on a LINUX machine to user-schema geodatabases under ORACLE on a different LINUX machine and I don't seem to be able to do it. As far as I recollect from diverse entries in the ArcGIS ressource center
a) I have to setup a separate ArcSDE service for each user-schema with an unambigous service name and port number
b) I have to store the service name and port number as well in the $SDEHOME/etc/services.sde as in the /etc/services
c) I need a distinct dbinit.sde named dbinit_<service name>.sde for each service
d) in each dbinit_<service name>.sde I have to name the user-schema I want the service to connect to

First of all I maybe have not found further conditions I have to meet.
Secondly item d) is where I do not know how to name the user-schema. Do I have to set the SDEUSER variable ?

Please be someone so kind to help me !

Thanks and kind regards,

Ingo Heide
German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
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No, those instructions are for using multiple Oracle instances (I prefer to use multiple
SDEHOMEs over renaming etc files).

User-schema geodatabases all work in one service, so you don't need to create more
than a single service. 

Of course with a remote server connection, you shouldn't be using an application
server service at all -- just use Direct Connect and change the user schema in
the properties page.

- V
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As vince mentioned, you only need one ArcSDE Application server instillation.

hopefully, this link can help guide you:
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