How to re-assign 'select' after FME drops a table?

06-24-2014 12:19 PM
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Hi all,

To update our Production 10.1 SDE I give my DBA a model that he has to enter his username and password into, then when he runs it, it runs any number of FME ETL tools from within the Toolbox that I have configured and will load the data as needed, with parameters exposed for the username and password the DBA will enter.

The problem I'm having is when we 'drop' a table because there is a schema-change, FME re-creates it and loads the data, but the re-created table is invisible to the 'GIS-read' user until the DBA re-assigns 'select' privileges via ArcCatalog.

The process of re-assigning the 'select' privileges is what we want to replace with an automated process that I can configure in the model the DBA runs with the FME tools.

Is there a geoprocessing tool that will do what the 'privileges' GUI in ArcCatalog does?

Any thoughts appreciated!


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