how to query metadata in the sde schema in 10.1?

11-30-2012 05:32 AM
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In 9.3.1, you can get the metadata of a featureclass in the xml format by perform the following query: SELECT XML FROM SDE.GDB_USERMETADATA WHERE UPPER (NAME) = 'xxx'. What is the equivalent sql in 10.1 that would give the same xml content?

I tried select xml_doc from sde_xml_doc2 where sde_xml_id = xxx. However, the blob content is binary and I couldn't convert it to the xml format. Has anyone found a solution? i.e. to get the metadata of a featureclass in xml from the sde schema.

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Hi Yin,

It sounds like you are using an Oracle geodatabase, is that correct?

You should be able to set up the extproc as in the following topic and then query the GDB_items_vw (documentation field):

Configuring the Oracle extproc to access the geodatabase with SQL

Go to the bottom of this topic for more info:

A quick tour of geodatabase system tables

Look for "XML in geodatabase system tables" and "Related Topics"
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Hey Yin,

Glad that you have posted this question. After this long years I have the same question. I want to extract the xml content from xml_doc column. SDE has a function sdexmltotext but I would like to understand how to construct xml using DB functions or BLOB operations.

Did you find any solution for this? Appreciate your time on this.



Arun Raj

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Do any of the pages in these legacy 9.3 docs help?

XML columns in a geodatabase stored in Oracle

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Does SDE.GDB_ITEMS_VW help you at all?
Also, looking at the SQL definition of that view might be of interest.

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