How to Point Cluster when only having a layer?

06-14-2019 05:48 AM
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Hello everyone, 

I am neither sure if what I am trying to do is super obvious or actually impossible. And since I am very desperate because I cant seem so be able to move it along. Here I go: 

I have Layer (.lyr) file from Oak Ridge National Library Landscape (attached below) which contains data points and a corresponding scale for density. I want to cluster around the Nile River in Sudan in order to see how urbanization and overall population density changed from one specific year to the next. 

However, I am unable to convert the layer file to a shape file as it gives me this window when I try to export it:

Do you guys have any idea how I could be able to cluster such a file as in this case? 

Thank you in advance, 

All the best, 


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What would also help tremendously if you could tell me how I convert this file to a format for which I can use a Optimized Hot Spot Analysis. 

Thank you!

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Hi Marius,

It looks like you have a .lyr file of raster imagery.  You would need to get the raw imagery (i.e. TIF, IMG).  You could then convert this to a polygon or point feature class using the Raster to Polygon or Raster to Point tools.

Once you have a polygon/point feature class, you can execute the Optimized Hot Spot tool.