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How to merge different layers with same attribute fields?

09-30-2022 03:02 AM
New Contributor III

Hey there,

I have a feature class called "Structure Line". This feature class contains the following fields: "ID", "PIPE" and "CABLE" (and some other fields which are not important here). Inside of this feature class I want to manage different types of pipes. I already got the geometries of my pipe features. Now I want to add the attributes. 

For that, I have different feature classes for each type of pipes. These feature classes also contain the fields "ID", "PIPE" and CABLE".

All I want to do is to merge the attributes of each feature class with my "Structure Line" feature class (to fill the fields "ID", "PIPE" and "CABLE").

How can I get this done?

Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany! (and sorry for my english.. :D)


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