How to keep the area of a DWG polygon after spatial adjustment?

08-27-2019 08:53 AM
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I received a file DWG with polygons of a certain building. I have to georeference this building, every room of it, which has an area, defined by the person that draw the DWG on AUTOCAD. After georreferecing the area has to be kept.

I have georreferenced the DWG files in the GIS environment (after transforming them into feature classes) through the tool "spatial adjustment" and using UTM (meters) as the spatial reference. To do this, I used a Basemap and created the linking points through the feature classes (old DWG) and the building.

ARCGIS moved the building to its correct spatial position but the area of the polygons created on AUTOCAD was not kept. I would like to know if there is any way to georreference a DWG polygon and keep its area, at least the closest value possible according to its original DWG file? Is there a way to do that? #arcgis for autocad dwg file 

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