How to increase the size of a filed in an SDE Oracle database

08-20-2014 03:38 AM
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Hi all,

I am using an SDE Oracle 11G database with ArcGIS 10.x and I need to icnrease th size of a text field in a feature class from 5 to 7 characters. The layer is not versioned.

What is the best way to do it?

I already tried to open the table associated with the feature calls using Oracle SQL Developer and to modify the size of the field in the table, but after doing this modification all the users get an error message saying that the schema is outdated. Is there a way to do that with ArcCatalog?


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the message 'schema out of date' can be resolved by using the old command line SDE tools: sdetable -o describe_long

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Field changes can be done easily within ArcCatalog or ArcMap.  Doing so assures you your data changes will be interpreted correctly within the Enterprise geodatabase.

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