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How to import 9.3 metadata in 10.2

04-27-2016 11:33 AM
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Hello everyone,

I exported several layers metadata to .xml files in 9.3 and now when I try to import the xml file into the layer in 10.2 it fails.

Anyone with the same problem?


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What does "fails" mean?

In 9.3 metadata was "hard wired" to a metadata format (ISO, FGDC, etc). In 10.x metadata is stored using Esri's ArcGIS schema. So when you import you need to tell ArcGIS which format the XML came from.

1. Set the metadata style to the metadata style used in 9.3 (ArcMap Customize/Options/Metadata tab, "FGDC CSDGM" or "ISO blah blah blah, blah blah")

2. Right click the dataset in the ArcMap Catalog window, choose Item Description

3. Click the Import button, navigate to the XML file

Another approach is to use Metadata Importer (which just slaps it in there without validation) and then run the Upgrade Metadata tool.

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