How to draw a line at an angle to another line?

09-28-2016 09:17 PM
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I need to draw radial lines from a point to a polygon.The first line will be the shortest line till the polygon. After this line has been drawn, on either side of it, lines radiating from this point till they meet the Polygon need to bee drawn. The angle between two consecutive lines need to be constant. 

I have attached an image to explain the problem better.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

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You can begin with Near—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop followed by

Make XY Event Layer—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop   and  XY To Line—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop to get the nearest point to the polygon and form the line.

The rest you will have to code by radiation points outwards to form lines that intersect the polygon.  From the intersection line segment, keep the part that radiates from the origin point. see

Bearing Distance To Line—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop for ideas