How to created the filtered versions in ArcSDE 10.1?

02-06-2015 01:55 AM
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I have a SDE user (parent), and two more users (ex: user1,user2) in my oracle database with required SDE permissions. In my SDE db, i have a polygon FeatureClass (Ex: world) with a field called region (attribute values are North and South) and it is registered as versioned under sde.default.

And now i would like create, two child versions for sde.default (Ex: version1,version2) for user1 and user2 respectively and i would like to allow user1(version1) to view/edit the data related to a particular region(Ex:North), similarly for the user2(version2) to view/edit data related to the region south.

Is it possible to apply the above filter while creating versions in ArcSDE database?

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No, you cannot apply filters to or with versions.  Versioning is implemented as a state change model that applies across an entire database, not within a single table. Versioning 101 may help you better understand the Esri multiversion optimistic locking implementation.  I don't think a complex solution to this small-scale problem exists, though if you have dozens of tables with many editors, a child-parent replication solution might be available. Based on this problem statement, all you really need is two tables, and either a UNION ALL view or a map document to join them.

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