How to create multiple query layers in one go

04-11-2016 11:58 PM
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I have about 30 tables (in an Oracle db without SDE) which I need to add as query layers in ArcMap. They are all in the same schema. Is there a way that I can multi-select all those tables in one go and add as query layers instead of clicking my way to death adding each of these layers one by one? I need the same "Select *.. " for each layer. Or is there a way to script the creation of query layers?

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You can try to use the Make Query Layer tool by right clicking on the tool and click Batch to execute the tool a number of times.  Or, you can open ArcCatalog, double click on the Database Connection, hold Ctrl key and select (left click) all of the tables you want and drag it to an open ArcMap document since you want all of the fields.

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