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How to automatically create road centerlines for the entire city in ArcGIS Pro.

02-05-2023 06:56 PM
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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

I'm looking for a way to create road centerlines from the lots layer for the whole city of Surrey in ArcGIS Pro. I tested this workflow (Screen Shot 1), and it produced decent results except at intersections (Screen Shot 2) and where the boundaries of certain parcels vary somewhat (Screen Shot 3). I hope someone can assist me in addressing these two problems or propose a different way to build the centerline.

Moreover, I've tried the ArcGIS GP tool Polygon To Centerline on a road surface polygons layer. However, the workflow above gave better results see screenshot no.4, it might need some preprocessing steps before running this tool to get the desired results, but I'm not sure.

Screenshot 1.pngScreenshot 2.pngScreenshot 3.pngScreenshot 4.png

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