How much data can a blob field hold?

03-23-2017 01:38 PM
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Hello, I'm trying to determine the maximum data size for a BLOB field within a file geodatabase. The help just says BLOBs store large binary data. How large can it be?

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In theory, it can be rather large.  From ESRI documentation it appears that it could be as much as 256 Terabytes using the appropiate configuration keyword.

But as for the reality, hard to say.

The Top 9 Reasons to Use a File Geodatabase - ESRI (PDF) 

Chris Donohue, GISP

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Thanks for the info Chris. Since I posed the question I've done a bit more searching and came up with this from "Building Geodatabases Course Q&A by Rudy Prosser:

Q: What’s the size of the BLOB in a file geodatabase (used to store attachments)?

A: Field size information is documented in ArcGIS Help at several locations. If you’re using an RDBMS to store your geodatabase, see DBMS data types supported by ArcGIS. If you’re using a file geodatabase, see File geodatabase size and name limits. For information on supported field types, see ArcGIS field data types. As best as I can determine, the maximum BLOB size is 2 GB.

Also, ESRI 10.2 help had this about file Geodatabases:

File geodatabase size and name limits

Geodata » Administering geodatabases

File geodatabase size and name limits are as follows:

File geodatabase size: No limit

Table or feature class size: 1 TB (default), 4 GB or 256 TB with keyword

Number of feature classes and tables: 2,147,483,647

Number of fields in a feature class or table: 65,534

Number of rows in a feature class or table: 2,147,483,647

Geodatabase name length: Number of characters the operating system allows in a folder name

Feature class or table name length: 160 characters

Field name length: 64 characters

Text field width: 2,147,483,647



Seems like the 2Gb is a recurring theme so I feel comfortable in agreeing with Rudy's assessment.

Hopefully this will help others as well.


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