How do I make an Oracle connection independent of client version or servername

01-08-2015 02:11 AM
New Contributor

I want to make a connection to an ArcSDE geodatabase inside Oracle that only reference the Oracle SID, and then gets further information from the tnsnames.ora file. I want it to work no matter if the current user has a version 11g or 12c client. I want it to work if the database is moved to another server.

You may get the impression that this is possible, as it is acceptable (when activating "Add Database Connection" in ArcCatalog ver. 10.3) to give the Oracle SID alone in the Instance field (ex: "jupiter"). But it is internally translated into "sde:oracle11g:jupiter" which is dependant on the Oracle client version. The best alternative seem to be to use the syntax "dbserver:1685/jupiter", which is dependant on servername (and portnumber). Is there any solution for me? I think it is a reasonable wish.

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