How do I center a picture fill symbol?

01-30-2017 10:46 AM
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I haven't done this operation in several ArcGIS updates and now I'm having problems.

I have this:

And I'm trying to get to this:

I don't seem to have any control anymore over the properties even when using a square sized image:

In the window above, that is supposed to be a single squared image and I've tried all the scaling and Fill Properties but I can't get the image to display as a single square.  I used to be able to frame a picture fill symbol exactly how I wanted....does anyone know of any other tools to edit Picture fill symbols?



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Your question is not clear.

What is the problem?

but I think you want to make one single picture

if so, I tell you that one single picture is for point symbol. but you are try to symbolize polygon with picture.

for polygon, we use one symbol for hatching polygon area and not single picture .