Hillshade function in Mosaic rasters

01-15-2014 12:15 AM
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Hi There,
I have multiple grids for bathymetry data of the seafloor.  I've mosaiced these rasters to create a continuous image and would now like to apply some greyscale shading to highlight the features on the seafloor.  I've tried a lot of options but the images produced are very smoothed and it's difficult to see any definition in the features.

Attached are 2 images 1 that was created by another mapping package (Test_GM.jpg) which is how I would like the data to look - slightly darker and with the features both craggy rocks and smooth sandwaves are well defined. The second produced using the Hillshade function in mosaic rasters (Test_ArcGIS.jpg) firstly is very pale therefore light and shaded areas are not well contrasted as a result the features to me are not as well defined as they could be.  I used the following parameters in ArcGIS:
Altitude: 45
Scaling Adjusted
Z factor: 10
Pixel Size Power: 0.8
Pixel Size Factor: 0.024

All suggestions welcome as I'd like to continue to use the mosaics rather then having to create new images in a seperate mapping package.
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Right click the layer in the TOC in go to properties, under symbology try adjusting the stretch renderer (standard deviations for example).  You can also do this with the image analysis window as well.  Let me know if that works for you.

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