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Help - how to standardize the factor and constraint data for MCE using ArcGIS

12-18-2014 05:16 AM
New Contributor

Good afternoon everbody,

I'm an exchange student in the master of Geomatics at University of Ghent (Belgium) and need to prepare a MCE paperwork. I got the data but I have many doubts about the transformation and how to standardize the factor and constraint, etc with the ArcGIS as I didn't have any practical class about it and I can't find any tutorial online. I only found papers explaining the the theory but not the practical step by step.

If you have some material explaining how to do step by step or anything like that (with example) please send it to me,

as I said before, I only have the theory, but I need the practical part.

Any help is welcome,

Thanks in advance,


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