Handling Netcdf file in arcmap

01-16-2014 04:53 AM
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Dear All

I have a net cdf file representing daily rainfall data of 50 years (1951-2000) with extension .nc.gz.tar. I unzipped the file and it gave me individual file of 50 years with .nc extension. I displayed  the net cdf file of one year (say 1967). If I understand correctly, for 1967 I can display the rainfall raster map for a single day. Lets say, I am displaying the rainfall raster for 01/01/1967/ My problem is this:

1. I need to extract particular region from the raster file based on the coordinates (X°,X° N, Y°,Y°E). How would I do this?
2. I need to repeat this for every day of 1967 and for every year (1951-2000).

I want the output to be daily rainfall data of 1951-2000 of a region whose co-ordinates are (X°,X° N, Y°,Y°E). 

I am really stuck with this and I have no idea where to begin with. Any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
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