Graduated Symbol symbology not working

12-08-2016 01:40 PM
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I am attempting to make a map with graduated symbols, representing data that I have joined with city locations in my state. I end up going to the symbology tab, and when I select my data, it doesn't seem to recognize my data. The data definitely joined correctly, because I can see it in the table. However, if I change the symbols to represent population instead of my joined values, it does seem to work correctly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi Matthew- just wanted to confirm that the field types on which you are trying to join are numeric (short, long, float, or double)? Also do the field types of the two fields participating in the join match? You could also test by making the join permanent by exporting the data and trying to re-symbolize on the exported shapefile / feature class to see if the join or field types are the culprit. I believe quanities-based symbology won't work with text fields in case any of your fields are text. Hope this helps!

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HI, I'm having the same problems using ArcGIS Pro. I imported a US census state level shapefile and then joined a table with numeric values based on State abbreviated codes (i.e. CA). ArcGIS recognizes this new field as Numeric in double format and can perform calculations on the field but the symbols in graduated colors and graduated symbols will not display. In contrast, the colors do display under the 'unique values', unclassed colors, and  proportional symbols symbology types.

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Make sure the (numeric) values in the external join table don't have spaces in it (before,after or in between the values). Else the entire field would be considered as text.

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