Geolocator Corruption

01-04-2013 10:09 AM
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We employ a Python standalone script to do perform a geocoding process so our users can measure the progress of improving their data on a daily basis.  The script populates road and address feature classes in a file geodatabase (10.0) with three different possible setting for geolocating for the user to select in a command box. Most of our users do not have an ArcView liscense they instead employ an ArcEngine (10 SP5)

Sometime after running the script once we will receive and error message that the geolocator cannot be used and has been corrupted.  Sometimes it takes two or three tries, but regardless it seems to break eventually.  Has anyone else experience this issue or anything like it?

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I have experienced a similar problem with an offline geodatabase, which makes me think it might have something to do with the file structure. For me, it only happens with one specific dataset, which makes me think there's something in that data that, when read, causes the database to become corrupt. Obviously this shouldn't happen, because at no point are we writing to that database, only reading from it. I was curious if there were other people having similar problems; we may have different symptoms, but I'm wondering if it's the same root cause. If so, maybe it's worth logging your queries and seeing if there's a pattern in there before it becomes corrupt. Unfortunately that's not something I can do for my own problem.


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