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Geodatabase viewer role

03-14-2019 07:02 AM
New Contributor

Can i put rules of views on single feature class in a geodatabase on oracle

For example i have road with 2 subtypes  Highway and Local

Can i set rule for users to see only highways in thier maps

Wht best to do that

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Esri Contributor

If this explicitly regards permissions, then no, you cannot designate view/edit permissions based on attributes within a feature class. If you are trying to manipulate how the map displays the features then your best bet would be to configuring symbology options and/or definition queries for the layer based on these values.

Although, if this is for permissions reasons, you could utilize database views and designate these only pull records that follow your attribute specifications.

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New Contributor

Thanks Jared

My purpose i want viewer user be able add layer from Geodatabase and only see certain features on that layer

(ex; he can see only highways whenever he add the road layer)

I wana do it on server side not map side

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MVP Regular Contributor

As Jared suggested, create a View with required features and share with the users.

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