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Geocoding Intersections with a Composite Address Locator

12-18-2013 06:33 AM
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We are a couple of students with limited ArcGIS knowledge. We're trying to geocode intersection data for car accidents in our community. Our partner gave us a custom composite address locator specifically for geocoding the data in our city. When we geocode, we get less than 20 matched results out of around 2000 entries. We have tried using standard locators like World Geocode Service, but we kept getting error messages for various reasons, including that we had to have an ArcGIS online account to geocode, which we do.

We tried eliminating excess fields in the excel spreadsheet, and formatted all addresses as "Street name & street name", although most of our entries don't have house numbers/street address number or directional prefixes (N, S, E, W) or suffixes like "street, avenue", etc.

It was suggested that we try using a US Streets standard locator, but we can't seem to find it within the files on our software (the lab we work in has been through many facilitators so often we are missing files). Would this address locator be helpful, and if so, where could we find it?

Any suggestions, ideas, or solutions would be much appreciated, although we will not have access to ArcMap over the holidays.
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Do you have the individual address locator that are used to create the composite locator? If so, what type are they?

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We have the composite locator and can view the names of the individual locators within geocoding options. When we try to unpack the composite locator in ArcCatalog, it just adds the locator to ArcMap, and we can't see the properties of the individual locators. I've attached an image of the individual locator names, if that gives any indication.
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