Geo-Referenced Photos: Problem with Raster catalog - Shifting East by one UTM Zone

05-17-2013 10:52 AM
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Hello All,

I have State of Georgia geo-referenced (historic) aerial photos in State Plane (NAD83) system.

Of course Georgia falls in two State Plane zones (Georgia East & Georgia West) and the photos cover both of them.

In order to re-project them into UTM (NAD83) zones - 16 & 17, I first created a Raster Catalog (adding the aerials) with Geographic (WGS84) coordinate system and using Cartography -> Data Driven pages -> Calculate UTM Zones was able to separate out the list of aerials falling in UTM Zone 16 or UTM Zone 17.

Using this list I re-projected the aerials to UTM (Zones 16 & 17).

To QA/QC the results the created another set of raster catalogs.

The UTM Zone 16 catalog foot prints overlay on the re-projected aerials. But the UTM Zone 17 catalog falls one zone away in Zone 18. What is the problem?
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